Highway Silhouettes

How many people drive across Wyoming without looking out at its beautiful landscape? Our silhouettes encourage people to admire our unique views and fall even more in love with this place we all call home.

Our goal is to eventually place 307 silhouettes across the State. All silhouettes are designed, funded, and placed because of local people and local companies. Get in touch with us if you or your company want to sponsor a silhouette, own land where you’d like to place one, or want to know more about the project.

307 First Logo

Horse and Boy

Corral Scene



Covered Wagon

Girl With a Horse

Boy With Cow and Calf

Family and Cart


Mule Deer on a Hill

Big Boy Train


Pony Express Rider 1

Pronghorn Antelope

Native Americans

4 Silhouettes

Mountain Man 1

Mountain Man 2



Native American with Spear

Native American with Spear



Shooting Off Horse

Cowboy Joe