Our Purpose

307 First drives awareness, advocacy and education around the importance of keeping funds local to help support and strengthen Wyoming-owned businesses and the Wyoming economy. 

Our Promise

307 First brings Wyoming together by connecting Wyoming-owned businesses, communities and opportunity. We raise awareness about the support of local businesses and people to ensure Wyoming money stays local in order to fuel our local economy. 

Still want to know more?

Thinking wyoming first

Wyoming has a history of exporting our money, our talent, and our companies. 307 First was founded more than ten years ago to support people who want to keep their money in Wyoming, do business with Wyoming businesses, and build a stronger Wyoming economic network.

307 First has purchased a number of Wyoming companies and invested in others. This helps those companies grow, generating more taxable revenue for the State, creating more high paying jobs for Wyoming residents, and producing more work for local service companies. (Wyoming owned businesses tend to work with local attorneys, accountants, vendors, and suppliers.)